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All Fortnite Chapter 2, season 2 leaked skins

Here's your chance to window shop before going for the real deal soon.

Image via Epic Games

It had delays. It had pushbacks. But finally, season two of Fortnite Chapter Two has arrived.

With a new chapter comes new cosmetics. Here’s a comprehensive list of the new equipment from well-known data miner HYPEX.

Leaked Chapter Two skins

The new battle pass is here and here’s the cool new image to promote it. It’s headlined by some of the latest skins of the new patch.

There’s a video showcasing some of the new skins in motion.

Everybody’s favorite R-rated joker makes an appearance in Fortnite. Not the most recent one that hit $1 billion, but Marvel’s fourth-wall-breaking superhero, Deadpool.

All that glitters isn’t gold. These skins, however, are very glittery and very gold.

A new fully customizable skin has been released. There are scarce details of how the item works, but it’s likely that purchasing this one equipment will allow you to change up your look and attire periodically. It might prove to be one of the best V-bang for your V-bucks.

Leaked Season Two Umbrella

Do you need more motivation to get a Victory Royale? How about a stylish and luxurious black and gold umbrella?

Leaked pickaxes

Are you tired of boring old pickaxes? Dual wield shiny new swords and cut down your enemies.

Leaked weapon wraps

Do you think Fortnite has enough color?

Leaked back bling

You’re going to be looking at your back most of the time anyway, so why not make sure it looks good with some new bling?

Leaked gliders

You know the famous saying: Float like a fish, sting like an accidental fishbone in your throat.

Leaked emote icons

The latest emote icons might be an indication of new emotes to come.

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Possible new vehicle

Is there a more direct way to get to your destination than launching a rocket with yourself on it? Probably not. Is it dangerous as hell? Probably. Is it going to be fun? A definite yes.

New consumable item

A new consumable item that functions like a bush was leaked. This new camouflage might work better in urban areas.