Will FIFA 23 be on Xbox Game Pass?

You may have to wait.

Image via EA Sports

Electronic Arts’ FIFA 23 is set to release to fans worldwide on Sept. 27 and the hype surrounding the game is reaching its peak. Fans of the long-running sports series seem eager to get their hands on FIFA 23’s new features, such as its HyperMotion2 Technology and crossplay.

But not everyone wants to drop $60 on the upcoming game, despite its exciting features. This leaves many fans wondering if FIFA 23 will be free on Xbox Game Pass upon its release in September.

If you’re interested in EA Sports’ FIFA 23 but are unsure about its AAA price point and want to know if it will come with your Xbox Game Pass subscription, here’s everything you need to know.

Will FIFA 23 be on Xbox Game Pass

FIFA 23 will not be on Xbox Game Pass when it’s released on Sept. 27, meaning those who want to play the game on launch will have to cough up the $60 price tag. But if you’re fine with waiting and are interested in playing the game later down the line, there’s a high probability of FIFA 23 coming to Xbox Game Pass in the future.

FIFA 22 was released in September 2021 and was eventually added to Game Pass in June 2022. Based on this, we can presume that FIFA 23 will likely make its way to Xbox Game Pass around nine months after its release in September, which is quite the wait for fans of the series.

EA has yet to officially confirm whether FIFA 23 will follow in its predecessor’s footsteps and join Xbox Game Pass, but it’s highly likely that it will.