Nintendo Switch version of FIFA 23 will not add any new features, again

FIFA fans and Nintendo Switch owners have been let down once more.

Image via EA

FIFA 23 is coming to the Nintendo Switch, but unlike the other ports, this one will not feature new gameplay features, modes, or the newly announced crossplay.

For years, Nintendo Switch owners haven’t gotten to play an updated version of FIFA, the world’s biggest soccer game. The FIFA 23 Legacy Edition for Nintendo Switch will only include updated clubs, squads, and kits from some of the top soccer leagues, plus the top women’s clubs and new stadiums.

FIFA 23 will be the last collab between EA Sports and FIFA, soccer’s international federation, and it is bringing tons of change, mainly focused on the crossplay feature. For the first time in franchise history, PlayStation, Xbox, and PC players will be able to face each other and compete on the same server for Ultimate Team, the game’s most popular mode.

Although the FIFA franchise has been upgrading its engine and tweaking modes for platforms such as PlayStation, Xbox, or PC year after year, the Nintendo Switch port has been repeatedly left in the dark and does not encourage FIFA fans to try out the game on Nintendo’s console.

The FIFA 23 Legacy Edition for Switch cost $39.99 on Nintendo’s eShop, which is a lot for a game that just contains basic roster and kit updates, essentially. The Nintendo Switch port will launch on Sept. 30, alongside all of the other versions of FIFA 23.