How to fix the ‘failed to submit challenge’ SBC error in FIFA 23

Classic live-service problems for one of the biggest games on the market.

Image via EA

FIFA isn’t just a live service game, but it does incorporate a lot of online elements that a large portion of the playerbase flocks to, meaning there are plenty of issues that will persist throughout the game’s lifespan. One such error for FIFA 23 can result in the failure to submit Squad Building Challenges (SBCs).

SBCs are a type of reward all players can complete by finishing specific challenges, submitting the results for rewards like featured player cards for use in FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT,) in-game currency, and additional bonus items. These always revolve around building unique Squads that fit within the guidelines of the objectives, which can sometimes be pretty challenging. 

There is also the small piece of information that SBC submissions are all final and items included in them are unable to be restored if something goes wrong, which is a big issue if said submissions are interrupted for any reason. Most SBCs are also only available for a limited time, which makes errors preventing players from submitting their Squads even more costly depending on when they happen. 

If you are experiencing a problem when trying to submit your SBC in FIFA 23, here are some ways you can potentially get around certain issues. But if none of these work, you can always wait to see if EA fixes the problem on its end should it be a wider issue. 

How to get around the ‘failed to submit’ SBC error in FIFA 23

Image via EA

With how the team chemistry system has been reworked in FIFA 23, the first problem you might encounter is something small relating to a chemistry error. 

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To fix something like that, you can try removing a player from your Squad and replacing them with another player. Rebuilding your lineup into a new model that meets an SBC objective should allow you to submit it, although you might have to try this a few times before it works. 

If chemistry alignment isn’t the issue, then you should probably restart your app. Especially in the early days of FIFA 23 being live, it has been pretty buggy, especially on mobile. But even once the initial kinks are worked out restarting your program is a good way to make sure it isn’t a basic problem. 

Outside of that, you can wait a bit before trying to submit and confirm your SBC Squad. If none of this works, it might be a bug or wider issue on EA’s side, which means you will just have to wait for the problem—and any others—to be resolved.