How to complete OTW Diogo Jota objectives in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

You can earn a OTW card for free in FIFA 21 Ultiamate Team.

Image via EA Sports

EA Sports added a new objective player to FIFA 21 Ultimate Team today.

It’s a Ones to Watch (OTW) 80-rated version of Diogo Jota from Liverpool. He was added alongside the first set of OTW cards and the OTW Thiago Silva squad-building challenges (SBC). The OTW Diogo Jota objectives will be available until Oct. 21.

The OTW concept consists of giving special cards to players who transferred to another club for the 2020-21 soccer season. Jota moved from Wolverhampton Wanderers to Liverpool last month. The OTW cards are updated every time the player receives a Team of the Week (TOTW) version, so they’re valuable assets in Ultimate Team.

Some of OTW Jota’s objectives can be completed in Squad Battles, but the majority of them have to be done in Division Rivals matches. None of the five objectives require you to win matches, though.

Here are all five objectives that you have to complete to earn OTW Jota card.

  • Through talent: Assist with a through ball using Portuguese players in four separate Rivals matches.
  • Portuguese pro: Score in four separate Squad Battles matches on minimum Professional difficulty using Liga NOS players.
  • Skilled in battle: Assist in five separate Squad Battles matches on minimum Professional difficulty using players with minimum four-star skill moves.
  • Rivals record: Score 10 finesse goals in Rivals using Premier League players.
  • Premier League performer: Score a minimum of two goals per match in five Rivals matches using Premier League players.