How do you get the FIFA 22 x Apex Legends bundle?

Get Octane off the pi—wait, that's not how it works.

Image via EA

It looks like EA is taking a page out of Fortnite’s books. The Apex Legends universe collides with one of the publisher’s existing IPs, FIFA 22.

Apex-themed cosmetics arrived in FIFA Ultimate Team, allowing players to represent their love for Apex inside FIFA 22. Featuring Legends kits to Badges and Tifos, the Apex bundles is on sale for 1,500 FIFA points or 180,000 FIFA coins, and players can grab the collaboration until April 8.

To get the FIFA 22 x Apex Legends bundle, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Launch FIFA 22
  • Head to the Store
  • Apex bundles will be on display as Featured Bundles
  • Click on the bundle
  • You can complete the purchase by spending 1,500 FIFA points or 180,000 FIFA coins

The Apex bundle features:

  • Legends – Badge
  • Gibraltar – Badge
  • Wraith – Badge
  • Legends – Home Kit
  • Legends – Third Kit
  • Legends – Away Kit
  • Legends – Tifo
  • Olympus – XL Tifo

While FIFA 22 players can enjoy the best of both worlds in the Ultimate Team, Apex players may need to wait a bit longer to expand their cosmetics collections with collaborations. EA hasn’t been known for its crossover events and skins, though the company has released a series of gun charms in Apex from both EA and Respawn titles.

The Apex bundle in FIFA 22 will be available until April 8.