FIFA 22’s next-gen free upgrade will only be available for players who buy the Ultimate Edition

The Ultimate Edition is costing $40 more on pre-order.

Image via EA Sports

A next-gen upgrade will only be available for the digital-only Ultimate Edition of EA’s newest version of FIFA, which costs $99.99 on a limited pre-order offer.

Electronic Arts has updated its Dual Entitlement system rules for FIFA 22, announced yesterday and launching Oct. 1. Players who buy the Standard Edition of FIFA 22, which is significantly cheaper and costs $59.99, won’t earn a free next-gen upgrade. This is a big change compared to what EA did for FIFA 21, which offered the free next-gen upgrade to owners of all editions on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

This ruling means people who play on current-gen consoles will have to go for the Ultimate Edition if they have plans to upgrade to a next-gen console. The difference between the Ultimate Edition and the Standard Edition is that the first one offers some perks to those who play Ultimate Team, FIFA‘s most popular game mode.

People who pre-order the Ultimate Edition will earn an untradeable FUT Hero card on Dec. 1, four days of early access, an untradeable Ones to Watch (OTW) card, 4,600 FIFA Points (one of Ultimate Team’s currencies), a Kylian MbappĂ© that you can use for five games, and one FUT Ambassador player pick for three matches. Aside from these, the Ultimate Edition will also offer a feature that helps players to prospect youth talent with world-class potential on the Career Mode.

The change hasn’t pleased the FIFA community, where people are feeling that EA is pushing them to acquire the Ultimate Edition instead of the Standard one.