EA will upgrade FIFA 21 to next-gen consoles for free

EA's Dual Entitlement system will work on both Xbox and PlayStation platforms.

Image via EA Sports

EA revealed yesterday that it will give a free copy of FIFA 21 for PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X to whoever buys it for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

For this, EA will use its Dual Entitlement system, which works on both PlayStation and Xbox platforms. This applies to both digital and physical purchases. If you have a physical copy of FIFA 21 for PlayStation 4, however, you’ll need to buy a PlayStation 5 with a disc drive since the disc must be in the drive to play the upgraded version.

The Dual Entitlement system will let you redeem a copy of FIFA 21 on Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 for free until FIFA 22 is released in 2021.

Dual Entitlement will also carry over some of the save data, including your Ultimate Team and VOLTA Football progress. But you’ll lose your save data from Online Seasons, Co-op Seasons, Career Mode, and Pro Clubs because those are tied to specific consoles and can’t be transferred if you upgrade your FIFA 21 copy.

EA announced that FIFA 21 will launch on Oct. 9 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The publisher hasn’t revealed a date for the next-gen consoles, presumably due to the fact there’s no official release date for those new consoles yet. 

There’s no information on whether EA will change the current engine, FROSTBITE, to a new one. The publisher will reveal more details about FIFA 21 later this year.