EA Sports reveals official gameplay trailer for FIFA 21

Attacking and defending will both be different in FIFA 21.

Image via EA Sports

EA Sports unveiled a gameplay trailer for FIFA 21 today. This is the game’s second trailer since EA released an official reveal trailer in July.

This time, EA showed that players’ movement has been improved compared to FIFA 20. You’ll be able to make more incisive runs and passes on attack since the game will correspond to your creativity and ball control.

The defensive side of the ball has also been reshaped. Top-tier defenders will throw their bodies to block shots more effectively. Good center defensive midfielders, such as N’Golo Kanté, will steal the ball with more effectiveness, too.

In the trailer, you can see that the dribbling system looks smoother than it is in FIFA 20. The video also shows how players make more intelligent runs when you have possession.

On top of these changes, EA also released a comprehensive “Pitch Notes” article regarding the new features in FIFA 21. The devs explained how new stuff, such as Agile Dribbling, will work and how you can do it.

“Agile Dribbling is a brand new way to keep close control of the ball in FIFA 21,” EA said. To use Agile Dribbling, players must hold R1/RB while moving the left stick and they’ll notice that the dribbler moves the ball with more rapid and precise touches.

EA has listened to the community’s feedback and is apparently making deep changes to FIFA 21 when it comes to AI, movement, dribbling, and defending. “Community feedback is one of the main pillars for our Gameplay team’s focus while working on FIFA 21,” EA said.

EA said it’ll be revealing more details about specific game modes, such as Ultimate Team, Career Mode, and more, throughout August.

FIFA 21 is scheduled to launch on Oct. 9.