EA explains why not all of FIFA 21’s progress carries over to next-gen

Those who've invested in offline modes might be disappointed.

Image via EA Sports

If you are already playing FIFA 21 and planning to upgrade your console, you might not want to spend too much time in the offline modes.

Developer EA is offering a program called Dual Entitlement, in which consumers will be able to upgrade their current-gen copy of FIFA 21 when next-gen consoles from both Sony and Microsoft roll around.

Progress from its online modes, FIFA Ultimate Team and Volta, such as player cards, online currency, and match records, will be transferred, allowing players to get a head start on building their squad online.

All other modes will not have the same benefit, however. Game modes like Online Seasons, Co-Op Seasons, Career Mode, and Pro Clubs will only be saved locally on your current device, and will not carry over to your next console.

In a statement provided to Eurogamer, FIFA executive producer Aaron McHardy said that “trade-offs” had to be made in favor of improving the overall product for the next-generation of consoles.

“We decided that the time required to make all modes transferable was better used to build new features and improvements across the entire game, along with addressing feedback from our players,” McHardy said. “Since both Volta and FUT are server-based modes it made sense for us to focus on them as a way for players to carry over their progression.”

With Ultimate Team being the franchise’s billion-dollar revenue juggernaut, it’s little wonder that the mode is being prioritized. For players who already have early access to the game and prefer building up their teams offline. it might be better to wait for your new console before you get started.

FIFA 21‘s standard edition goes on sale tomorrow, Oct. 9.