EA changes rewards for the 3 FUTTIES Champions Upgrade SBCs released earlier this week

It's not a good look for EA.

Image via EA Sports

EA Sports has replaced the three FUTTIES Champions Upgrade squad-building challenges (SBCs) that were added to FIFA 21 on July 20 with a new version with “correct rewards,” the company announced last night via the FIFA Direct Communication profile on Twitter.

“The 3 FUTTIES Champions Upgrade SBCs were unintentionally released with higher than intended Rewards,” EA said. “The SBCs have been replaced and now have the correct Rewards.”

This change comes over a day after multiple users shared on social media that they got a 99-rated Summer Stars version of Neymar from Paris Saint-Germain, which is arguably a top-five card in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team at the moment, by completing one of these aforementioned SBCs.

The change has resulted in some FIFA 21 Ultimate Team players calling the company out on Twitter because EA has altered pack luck for the worse. By doing this, some players claim that whoever completed the SBCs in the initial hours packed great items and now are at an advantage for the upcoming FUT Champions this week. “Great, I can’t wait to get slapped about by 99 Neymar in Champs vs. 70 percent of the people I play,” a user wrote.

Another user rightfully complained that EA should have alerted players about the change in rewards for these three SBCs via an official pop-up message in the game. “I did one this morning without seeing the tweet, safe to say I wouldn’t have done it if I had seen it,” they said.

There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding FIFA 21 loot boxes associated with unregulated online gambling and some European countries have already taken action against them. With the FIFA 21 Ultimate Team cycle coming to an end soon, we’ll see if EA will implement changes in that regard for the next edition of FIFA, which is set to launch on Oct. 1.