How to complete all of July 20’s FUTTIES Champions Upgrade SBCs in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team

More opportunities to earn items from TOTS, FUT Birthday, Path of Glory, and Summer Stars.

Image via EA

EA Sports has introduced three similar squad-building challenges (SBCs) to FIFA 21 Ultimate Team today.

The first one is called the FUTTIES Champions Upgrade and you’ll pack one item from FUT Birthday, Team of the Season (TOTS), Festival of FUTBall Path of Glory, or Festival of FUTball Summer Stars. The second one is called FUTTIES Premium Champions and it gives you the option to pick one of three items from these promotions. And the last one is a FUTTIES Ultimate Champions Upgrade, which rewards you with the option to choose one of five options from the aforementioned promos.

All three SBCs are repeatable and will be available for the next 16 days. Since this is basically a FUT Champions Upgrade SBC, they don’t require any squads but only FUT Champions players, which are the red picks you get for playing in the Weekend League.

EA is charging one 85-rated FUT Champions player to complete the FUTTIES Champions Upgrade, two FUT Champions players with a minimum overall of 85 to complete the FUTTIES Premium Champions, and three FUT Champions Players players with an 85 overall minimum to complete the FUTTIES Ultimate Champions Upgrade.

Since the solutions require FUT Champions players, which can’t be acquired on the FUT market because they’re untradeable items, we can’t provide you with the cheapest solution for these SBCs. If you’ve been playing FIFA 21 Ultimate Team since the start of the game cycle, you probably have a bunch of red picks stored in your club if you haven’t used them in other SBCs.

If you don’t have any on your club, just play FUT Champions this weekend and you’ll be awarded some red picks depending on your performance. The more wins you get, the better the rewards will be.