Best young midfielders in FIFA 21

These are the go-to young midfielders for any player or manager career.

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The connecting piece between a high-scoring attack and a stalwart defense lies in the midfield. There are a tremendous amount of terrific midfielders in FIFA 21, both on the sides and in the center of the pitch.

But today, we’re focusing on the next generation. Young midfielders already linger in the world-class category but they’ll surely continue improving over time.

Here are the best young midfielders in FIFA 21.

Jadon Sancho, 21 – Borussia Dortmund

Image via EA SPORTS

In our guide to the best young strikers of FIFA 21, we talked about Dortmund’s Erling Haaland and his unreal scoring prowess. Well, the Bundesliga side’s attack is made even more tremendous by the 21-year-old midfielder from England, Jadon Sancho.

Sancho is tied for the highest overall rating of any midfielder who’s 25 or younger at 86 and has the highest potential rating at 92. With 90+ ratings for Ball Control, Dribbling, Balance, and Agility, he’s already an expert at bringing the ball upfield. His great ratings for Finishing, Volleys, Crossing, and Short Pass allow him to bolster an attack at its beginning and end. Aside from midfield, he can also play up at the winger positions.

Frenkie de Jong, 23 – FC Barcelona

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Barcelona has some of the best talent in the game at either end of the pitch with legendary striker Lionel Messi and world-class keeper Marc-André ter Stegen. But not to be outshined is the young product from the Netherlands, 23-year-old center midfielder Frenkie de Jong.

De Jong has 90-rated stats for Composure and Stamina, meaning he can deliver late in matches with little fatigue. He’s also an excellent passer, dribbler, and defender. While Sancho may be a better attacking option, de Jong is certainly the more viable all-around choice.

Marcus Rashford, 23 – Manchester United

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Rashford was included in the best young strikers piece since striker is one of his preferred positions in the game. But he plays left midfielder for his club and his skillset is more suited to it as well.

His preference for striker means that his ratings are well suited for the attacking side. He has 90+ ratings for both Sprint Speed and Shot Power, allowing him to travel distances and shoot from a distance. He also has high mental, dribbling, and passing ratings, making him an all-around threat. His only shortcoming, like Sancho, is his defense. But they’re out there to score goals, not stop them.

Rodri, 24 – Manchester City

Image via EA SPORTS

There are other great young midfielders that could be added to this list, but with the top names more geared toward attacking, we wanted to draw attention to at least one terrific young defensive midfielder. Enter Rodri, a 24-year-old product of Spain playing for Man City.

He’s got 80+ ratings in nearly all defensive stats: Standing Tackle, Marking, Interceptions, Vision, and Composure. He also has 80+ ratings for Ball Control, Short and Long Pass, Stamina, and Strength. And for a defensive midfielder, his Shot Power and Long Shot ratings aren’t bad at 83 and 76, respectively. He sits at an 86 overall with the potential to rise to an 89.

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