Best young strikers in FIFA 21

Go for goal with these young strikers.

Image via EA Sports

In the game of soccer, it’s all about goals.

A strong defense and a reliable keeper will only get you so far if you’ve got no one to put the ball in the back of the net. And some of the most prolific strikers in the game are still only in their early 20s.

So whether you’re looking for a teammate in your player career, a focal point of a club you wish to manage, or a high-value target in the transfer market, here are the best young strikers in FIFA 21.

Kylian Mbappe, 22 – PSG

Image via EA SPORTS

One of the most recognizable players in all of soccer, and the cover player for FIFA 21, Mbappe is an unbelievable scorer who’s somehow still only 22 years old. The French player is a part of France’s premier club, Paris Saint Germain. Mbappe’s speed and scoring prowess are unmatched. His passing and dribbling ratings are the highest of any of the strikers in this group.

His five-star skill move rating and four-star weak foot rating mark one of the highest combinations of any striker at any age. Mbappe is unquestionably the best young striker in all of FIFA 21. If you’re managing a club, be prepared to spend your entire transfer budget if you want him.

Erling Haaland, 20 – Borussia Dortmund

Image via EA SPORTS

If you can’t quite afford Mbappe, you can still do a lot of good for your club with Erling Haaland. The native of Norway has been tearing up the Bundesliga, and at 21 years old, he’s got a lot of world-class soccer ahead of him.

Haaland actually has a slightly higher overall shooting rating than Mbappe. But Mbappe’s higher overall rating is due to his high playmaking ability and speed. He’s especially more proficient from long range, as well as from the penalty spot. Haaland also has one of the highest defense ratings for a striker and his strength makes him hard to knock off the ball.

João Félix, 21 – Atlético Madrid

Image via EA SPORTS

While Félix isn’t at Mbappe’s level yet, the 22-year-old product of Portugal is a gifted passer, dribbler, and playmaker. Naturally, as a world-class striker, he’s an excellent scorer from all distances. He also has great heading accuracy and jumping ability, making him a go-to target on crosses and corners.

Marcus Rashford, 23 – Manchester United

Image via EA SPORTS

The young man from Manchester makes a tremendous impact both on and off the pitch for his club, Man United. While his primary position in FIFA 21 is left or right midfielder, Rashford can also play forward and striker—and his skill set allows him to excel upfront.

Rashford’s midfielder experience affords him tremendous passing ability, on par with that of Mbappe. He also stands out compared to the other names on this list when it comes to set pieces since his ability at taking free kicks and penalties is higher than anyone else’s. He also has incredible vision and stamina.

Other terrific young strikers

  • Lautaro Martinez – Inter Milan
  • Gabriel Jesus – Manchester City
  • Timo Werner – Chelsea
  • Diogo Jota – Liverpool FC