All of FIFA 21’s new features on PlayStation 5

The next-gen power will make the game more realistic.

Image via EA Sports

FIFA 21 will be released next week on Dec. 4 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X. EA Sports revealed today what will be different in the game on the new consoles—especially on PS5.

The DualSense wireless controller will add more depth to the gameplay experience. Players will feel left-footed shots with vibrations on the left side of the controller.

“The adaptive triggers on the DualSense controller also allow us to increase trigger resistance as stamina drains,” EA Sports said. “Meaning you’ll feel the effects of players’ tiredness as their fitness decreases throughout the game.”

The next-gen power will also feature more realistic stadiums, players, and camera movement. There will be over 700 new animation combinations in FIFA 21.

Responsive Multi-Touch Animations will take enhance player movement, visual quality, and responsiveness, while Off-Ball Humanization will add more realistic behavior such as cleaning sweat from their faces after a run, shouting for a pass, and regaining their breath after sprinting.

Loading times are also expected to be reduced on next-gen consoles, and EA Sports already apologized to pre-game practice arena fans, because it takes under two seconds from the pre-game menu to a kick-off match. There’s practically no load time.

Players can upgrade their copy of FIFA 21 from their PS4 or Xbox One to PS5 and Xbox Series X for free via Dual Entitlement. All your progress and content from FIFA Ultimate team and Volta FFootball will carry over with the upgrade.