When do Rick and Morty release in MultiVersus?

Just another day in the multiverse.

Rick and Morty posing
Image via Player First Games

MultiVersus is the newest arena fighting game that pits a roster of famous characters against each other in an attempt to prove who’s the best. The multiverse in the game is only going to get bigger as Player First Games has confirmed that LeBron James, Rick Sanchez, and Morty Smith will be coming to Multiversus within the next month.

LeBron will be the first to release on Tuesday, with Rick and Morty having separate release dates. As of right now, Morty is set to release in the game on Aug. 9, with Rick set to come sometime in Season One. Rick’s files are in the game, but without voice acting, so it might not be that much longer before he’s introduced.

In the trailer for Lebron, you can see a stage that’s clearly from the giant head episode of Rick and Morty. This will likely come with one of the new character updates and the layout looks similar to the Adventure Time stage in MultiVersus, with large speakers on either side of the stage.

According to the MultiVersus roster website, Rick will be a ranged Mage character, likely using his trusty portal gun to deal damage. A now-copyrighted video showed a powerful blaster and a Mr. Meeseeks summon. Morty will be a Bruiser, dealing damage up close and maybe even relying on the giant arm from season three’s “Rickmancing the Stone.”

Based on the amount of information found in the game’s files and the announcement earlier today, fans can expect to see Rick and Morty in MultiVersus sooner rather than later.