The Dragon Quest Hero joins Super Smash Bros. Ultimate today

Challenge Pack 2 is here!

Screengrab via Nintendo

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s next DLC fighter, Dragon Quest’s Hero, is launching today on Nintendo Switch.

The announcement was made during a special video presentation hosted by game director Masahiro Sakurai, who also showed off the character in-depth as well as its stage and music.

The character, however, won’t be launching today in all regions as Nintendo of Europe has already announced that he’s planned to release in the early hours of tomorrow morning with the version 4.0.0 patch.

The character is part of the Fighters Pass and will become available later on as an individual purchase for just under $6. The Challenger Pack 2 will include the Hero, his stage, and all its music.

New Mii Costumes based on Dragon Quest will also be added to the game as additional purchases. The World of Light Story Mode will also be getting a new “Very Easy” difficulty as part of the version 4.0.0 update tomorrow.

Now with the Hero out of the way, the next character for Ultimate will be Banjo-Kazooie sometime in the fall. After that, it is anyone’s guess on who the final two fighters for the first DLC pass will be.