Tekken Season Pass 4 to bring new content and online enhancements in Fall 2020

Tekken is leveling up.

Image via Bandai Nacmo

Tekken series producer Katsuhiro Harada was up to his usual shenanigans during the Japan Fighting Game Publishers Roundtable, but he didn’t send fans home empty-handed.

After trolling the other developers with printed images and visual gags, Harada revealed that Tekken 7 is getting a fourth season of DLC, which will include new moves for every fighter and enhancements for online play.

Throughout the presentation, Harada made it a point to talk about the online experience of fighting games and how every developer has to tackle it differently. He noted that because of COVID-19 and “current circumstances,” it has pushed the issue and made online a priority for his team.

The announcement trailer showed that Tekken Prowess is going to change how the online ranked system works. A full ranked reset won’t take place once that update eventually goes live, but there will be some massive differences.

As for online enhancements, Harada confirmed that Tekken would be getting a WiFi detector or something similar to show if your opponent is using a wired connection or not. This likely means there will be an option when going online to limit matchmaking to only search for players that are using a wired connection, which will provide the most stable performance.

Harada also said that there have been several internal beta tests with rollback netcode at Bandai, and the early results have been good.

Screengrba via Bandai Namco

At the end of the trailer, there was also a tease for a new character. Most Tekken fans has speculated that it will be the return of Kunimitsu, a female ninja-like fighter who has not made an appearance in a mainline Tekken game since Tekken 2 in 1996.