Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Version 6.0 patch notes

Terry is here and so are the new patch notes.

Screengrab via Nintendo

The newest fighter for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Terry Bogard, is finally here. And to coincide with his release, Nintendo is introducing key changes to several characters and a lot of content through the Version 6.0 Update. 

From buffing Donkey Kong to adding new Mii Fighters, the 6.0 Update has a lot to offer in terms of improving Smash Ultimate’s quality of life, especially when it comes to adding some basic options that fans have been asking for to the online Battle Arenas. 

Here’s the full breakdown of the 6.0 Update patch notes:

  • Offline
    • The following spirits will appear in the Shop on the Vault menu:
      • Andy Bogard
      • Joe Higashi
      • Kim Kaphwan
      • Geese Howard
      • Ryo Sakazaki
      • Kyo Kusanagi
      • Iori Yagami
      • Haohmaru
      • Nakoruru
      • Athena Asamiya
      • Ralf & Clark
      • Tockles
        • The Tockles spirit will appear on the DRAGON QUEST Spirit Board in the DLC Spirits menu.
    • Note: To play on a Spirit Board in the DLC Spirits menu, you must purchase the appropriate downloadable content.
  • Online
    • The following features have been added to Battle Arena mode:
      • The arena type “Elite Only” has been added.
      • Arenas that a friend has created can now be found by going to Join Arena → Friends’ Arenas, regardless of visibility.
      • The host player can now change some rules without having to shut down the arena.
      • The option “Random Battlefield and Ω Form” has been added to the stage settings.
      • You can now send set messages to each other inside an arena.
  • General
    • Added support for the upcoming Simon and Incineroar amiibo figures.
    • The following downloadable content will be usable after purchase:
      • Terry + King of Fighters Stadium
      • Ryo Sakazaki Wig + Outfit
      • Nakoruru Wig + Outfit
      • Iori Yagami Wig + Outfit
      • Akira Wig + Outfit
      • Jacy Wig + Outfit
    • You cannot make videos of replays that contain DLC you have not purchased (fighters, stages, music, Mii Fighter costumes, etc.).
    • Game balance adjustments have been made.
    • Several issues have been fixed to improve gameplay experience.
    • Fixes and changes to fighters have been made.
Donkey KongSide Tilt AttackExtended launch distance.
Donkey KongNeutral Air AttackIncreased power.

Increased attack range.
Donkey KongNeutral SpecialExtended fully charged launch distance.

Shortened the charge time until reaching max charge.
Donkey KongUp SpecialIncreased the speed that super armor activates when using the move on the ground.

Made it easier to hit multiple times when hitting an airborne opponent when using the move on the ground, and extended the last attack’s launch distance.
Donkey KongDown SpecialIncreased attack speed when using the move on the ground.

Reduced vulnerability when using the move on the ground.
KirbyNeutral Attack 1Increased attack speed.
KirbyUp Smash AttackExtended launch distance when hit in the low-damage range.
KirbyNeutral Air AttackIncreased attack speed.

Extended launch distance when hit in the high-damage range.
KirbyUp Air AttackIncreased attack speed.

Increased power.

Extended launch distance.
KirbyNeutral SpecialReduced start time for Inhale.

Made it harder to disrupt Kirby’s Copy Ability.
JigglypuffAir DodgeReduced vulnerability.
JigglypuffMoving Air DodgeReduced vulnerability.
JigglypuffDown Air AttackShortened the landing time after using the move.

Reduced vulnerability when landing after using the move.
JigglypuffForward ThrowAdjusted launch angle.
JigglypuffNeutral SpecialShortened the charge time until reaching max charge.
JigglypuffSide SpecialIncreased the duration of the damage animation when the move hits.

Increased the opponent’s downtime when shielded.
RobinSide Tilt AttackExtended launch distance.
RobinNeutral Air AttackIncreased attack speed.
RobinNeutral SpecialShortened the time it takes to change to a more powerful spell.
RobinSide SpecialExtended the duration of the fireball.

The duration of the pillar of fire is not affected.
RobinOtherIncreased the recharging effect smash attacks have on the Levin Sword.
King K. RoolNeutral Air AttackReduced vulnerability when landing after using the move.
King K. RoolForward Air AttackIncreased power of the high-damage range.

Increased attack range of the high-damage-range attack and increased the duration.
King K. RoolUp Air AttackIncreased the amount of time hit detection lasts.
Extended launch distance for the high-damage range.
King K. RoolNeutral SpecialIncreased attack speed.

Made it easier to vacuum up the Kannonball.
Shortened the time needed to shoot out the vacuumed Kannonball.

Extended launch distance when hit with the Kannonball.
King K. RoolDown SpecialReduced vulnerability when the counter succeeds.

Increased the range the counter counts as a success.

Increased the high-damage range.
IncineroarNeutral Attack 3Increased power.

Extended launch distance.
IncineroarForward Air AttackIncreased the amount of time hit detection lasts.

Decreased power for the latter half of the time hit detection lasts.
IncineroarDown Air AttackMade it easier to trigger a meteor effect when you hit with the high-damage range.
IncineroarNeutral SpecialIncreased the power at the beginning of the move.

Increased the range at the beginning of the move and increased the duration of the move.
IncineroarDown SpecialIncreased the amount of time the damage-reducing pose is effective.

Extended launch distance of the flames after receiving an opponent’s attack.

Reduced vulnerability when receiving or not receiving an opponent’s attack.
HeroNeutral SpecialAfter Kafrizz hits a fighter or the stage and explodes, Gravitational Pull or Pocket will have no effect on the explosion.

It looks like the developers are listening to fans when it comes to the patch notes this time around. No characters received big nerfs and low-tier fighters like Jigglypuff, Kirby, and King K. Rool all got some much-needed buffs. This will excite a lot of players, especially the DK mains who now have some even better options to throw out. 

The Version 6.0 Update for Smash Ultimate is live now along with Terry Bogard and all of the new content that comes with him.