Super Smash Bros Ultimate to hold ‘Tekken Tournament’ featuring hand-to-hand fighters only

The tournament will kick off July 9.

Image via Nintendo

Nintendo has finally revealed Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s upcoming spirit event for the week, and this time it’s a tournament themed around the game’s latest addition.

The Tekken Tournament will begin on July 9 and highlight the melee fighters within the game including its star, the newly-added Tekken character, Kazuya.

Over the three days that the tournament will run, players will face off against foes with the more wins netting them more spirits as a reward. The description of the tournament according to SmashBrosJP’s post explains that the only fighters approved to participate as those who are “unusually tricky and do not use weapons.”

Some of these fighters include Ryu, Ken, Little Mac, Terry, Min Min, Incineroar, and of course, Kazuya. There may be more characters that are permitted to take part, but for now, this is all we know for certain.

Kazuya joined the game on June 29 as the first Tekken character in the series. In bringing the character over to SSBU the team worked hard to retain his unique combat style and control function as to feel familiar to Tekken players. With the final DLC rollout almost over Kazuya is number four in DLC pass two with a final character to join the series in the future.

The Tekken Tournament event will run from July 9 until July 12 so players who want to test their skill in hand-to-hand combat will need to do so during those dates.