Super Smash Bros. Melee The Octagon: Live results and standings

Money matches are always hype.

Image via Golden Guardians

Super Smash Bros. Melee is a game that has a deep history of trash talking and rivalries leading into big money matches on stream, which is exactly what Golden Guardians is pushing with The Octagon. 

Players can donate money on stream just as if they were placing a bet on the match, but all proceeds from the event will be going to support the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, with the organization matching the first $5,000 in donations. 

Both the undercard and title card matches have shades of old Salty Suit face-offs, putting players who are at the top of the game using the same characters or with some history playing against each other in a head-to-head, best-of-five series. The main event is Mang0 taking on Zain in a $1,000 money match, but the event is not lacking for exciting match-ups leading up to that. 

For anyone who wants to keep track of the total amount of money raised or the scores for any of the matches, here is a list of results for The Octagon. 

Donation Total (still being updated)

  • $10,137.58
    • Not counting merch sales

Match Results

  • SFAT vs. PewPewU: PewPewU 5-1
  • S2J vs. n0ne: n0ne 5-3
  • iBDW vs. Westballz: iBDW 5-0
  • Zain vs. Mang0: Zain 5-2