Street Fighter V: Champion Edition to release in 2020

Could this be the final fight for SFV?

Image via Capcom

The Capcom Pro Tour 2019 is nearing its end, and after the North American Regional Finals, the developers teased the future of the game by announcing Street Fighter V: Champion Edition

This updated version of the game will combine almost all of the content from the base SFV release and Arcade Edition to bring fans the most complete experience yet when it releases on Feb. 14, 2020. 

Capcom’s surprise reveal showed that all 34 stages and 200 costumes would be available as part of the Champion Edition. The only items not included are any brand collaborations and the CPT DLC that helps pay into the prize pool for the tournaments on the circuit. 

This likely signifies the closing window for SFV because Fight Money is such an important part of online play for the game, and giving out all the stages and most of the costumes you would normally purchase using that currency is a disincentive to that gameplay loop. 

Every fighter will also be made available in the new version, combining all the DLC to complete the roster. And to round that out, we also learned that Gill would be joining the battle as the 39th character along with new V-Skills for the existing characters. 

His looks and moves pull from all of his appearances across the Street Fighter series and he looks like he will bring another unique style of gameplay to the roster. 

The announcement showed that there would be a total of 40 characters in the Champion Edition of the game, however. With Gill’s reveal that still leaves one spot unaccounted for. 

All signs point to the 40th character getting the red carpet treatment and being the last firework shot off at Capcom Cup 2019. Kage was revealed in a similar way last year, so it only makes sense for the current iteration of the game to go out with one last bang. 

Street Fighter 5: Champion Edition is going to release on Feb. 14, 2020 and will cost $29.99, but players who already own a copy of SFV or SFV Arcade Edition will be able to upgrade for $24.99. Gill will be making his return in December, bringing back all kinds of bad memories for Street Fighter III players.