Street Fighter movie may have found the perfect, rising-star directors

They might have some experience with street fighting.

Screengrab via RackaRacka on YouTube

Less than a month after Capcom and Legendary Entertainment agreed to a deal to bring Street Fighter to the big screen again, the upcoming film has reportedly found its perfect director in the form of a duo of rising stars. 

Twin Australian directors Danny and Michael Philippou are in final negotiations to take on the project, according to The Hollywood Reporter, as they continue to make waves in the film industry. 

This reported move puts another spotlight on the Philippous, who have been the talk of horror fans in the lead-up to their supernatural horror-thriller Talk to Me, which is set to drop on July 28. That film started a bidding war after a successful run at Sundance Film Festival, with A24 eventually securing the rights. 

Outside of their upcoming thriller that already has positive buzz and some fringe work on other projects, the Philippous are likely best known for their YouTube content as RackaRacka, where they have racked up over 6.7 million subscribers and over one billion video views. 

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Most of their RackaRacka content is sketch comedy, short films, or recording their antics with other YouTubers. But what has most Street Fighter fans excited is their history of making gaming content, including a video of what the fighting game would look like in real life in their signature style—which was even sponsored by the 2016 live-action mini-series Street Fighter: Resurrection

Whether it is because of their humble beginnings as content creators, their ongoing rise as filmmakers, or the hype of seeing what the duo can do with fight scenes that have an actual budget, fans across the internet are screaming “let them cook.”

Sources close to the Street Fighter deal told The Hollywood Reporter the deal for the duo to join the project is “lucrative.” No official announcement has been made yet by Legendary or Capcom.

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