Street Fighter 6 will feature rollback netcode, crossplay

Capcom is trying to connect anyone and everyone who wants to hit the sticks.

Image via Capcom

Multiple sources have confirmed that Street Fighter 6 will use rollback netcode and feature crossplay across all available platforms. This means that SF6 could be the first modern fighting game to launch with both features available from day one. 

The use of rollback netcode isn’t surprising since Street Fighter V technically used the technology, but considering how mixed the reception for online play in that game has been over the years, it is likely that an upgraded model is being used. 

GameSpot managing editor Tamoor Hussain was among the first to confirm both of these features, though he also noted that Capcom representatives present during media play sessions at Summer Game Fest would not confirm that it would be “better” than SFV’s netcode. 

In the most recent episode of his fighting game podcast, Triple K.O., content creator and fighting game community (FGC) figurehead Maximilian “Maximilian Dood” Christiansen talked briefly on the subject of SF6’s netcode, reminding fans that Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite technically used an improved version of SFV’s netcode framework. This points to whatever issues SFV had with its online systems being resolved in future iterations of that tech, so even if an entirely new framework isn’t used, SF6 should still have improved online performance compared to its predecessor. 

Crossplay also isn’t a surprise, as SFV already has crossplay between PlayStation and PC. The only change for SF6 is that it will have an even wider pool of players to connect, as it is bringing a new entry of the franchise back to Xbox for the first time since the Xbox 360 era when it launches in 2023. Cross-progression was not confirmed.

More details about the various features included in SF6 should be shared in the near future, and additional information is already circulating as Capcom allows more people to test out early builds during Summer Game Fest. 


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