Steve takes another Super Smash Bros. Ultimate victory with Onin winning Get On My Level

A Stever/Ice Climbers finale was not something many expected to see.

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It isn’t strange to see a few new faces reaching the top of a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament every few weeks, but it is a surprise to see two players blow through some of the game’s top players to battle for a Major title. This is exactly what happened as Dawson “Big D” Perron and Angel “Onin” Mireles clashed in the grand finals at Get On My Level 2022.

Onin would walk away with his first Major title after dispatching Big D 3–1, marking an accomplishment as one of the youngest players to ever win a Major—the young gun is just 16 years old—after following up his Combo Breaker 2022 win.

The grand final was a clash between one of the most highly controversial characters in the game, Steve, and one that sees very little use, Ice Climbers. The latter of which turned into a major talking point on social media as fans cheered Big D on as he defeated Zinoto, Aaron, Syrup, Cosmos, and even Riddles to reach the grand finals. 

That run would eventually end a second loss to Onin, who also sent Big D into the loser’s bracket back in the second round of winners. The final result was a 3-1 win, with Big D keeping things competitive for most of the set and resulting in his best tournament finish in the Ultimate era, though he has competed in every Smash game competitively outside of 64 to some extent. 

With Onin’s win, it has sparked another wave of discourse around potentially banning Steve from competitions. Steve has now won two of the last three Majors this year, at the hands of 16-year-old Onin and 15-year-old acola, while Jake also won an online qualifier with the character earlier today, showing Steve’s continued rise in results. 

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Similar conversations picked up when Hero was released and some of his abilities seemed to unfairly tilt the game in his favor, though that quickly lost steam. It is unlikely any ban will be placed on Steve, though if it happens it could be strictly for online and a limited field of offline events, at least in the immediate future.

Who knows what could happen moving forward as we continue pushing in the updateless future for competitive Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


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