Spirit Board listing suggests Terry Bogard might join Super Smash Bros. Ultimate this week

Terry might be a nice post-Halloween treat.

Screengrab via Nintendo

Terry Bogard from the Fatal Fury series could be added to the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster sooner than some fans expected after the latest Spirit Board listing showed an SNK copyright for the first time. 

Smash Bros. fans already knew the Terry DLC was going to be released in November since the timeline was shown during his reveal. But the SNK copyright wasn’t present in the Tetris Spirit Event that began on Oct. 25. This is important because the inclusion of the new company in the fine print of the next drop suggests that, at the very least, the drop could be coming soon. 

Ten new Spirits will be added to Smash Ultimate on Nov. 1, themed around sword users like Owain and Raven from the Fire Emblem series. This is also something that fans knew about since Nintendo isn’t very secretive when it comes to telling its players about upcoming events. 

Within the text at the bottom of the preview page for the sword-themed spirit board, you can see the full listing of every company that’s had a hand in making the roster for Smash Ultimate possible. Even if characters from those companies don’t appear in that specific Spirit Board, their names are still shown. 

That’s why the inclusion of SNK, along with the other names, is so important because it shows that Nintendo is preparing to release the fourth Fighter Pass DLC. Dropping Terry on Nov. 1 makes a lot of sense considering it would start the month strong and wouldn’t conflict with the release of Pokémon Sword and Shield on Nov. 15. 

On top of that, there are no major Smash tournaments during that opening week, so top players will be free to practice, make content, and talk about how they feel in regards to the new DLC fighter. Overall, this seems like the optimal time to drive as much traffic toward Smash Ultimate related content as possible. 

Banjo and Kazooie released on Sept. 4, so it isn’t like Nintendo is against releasing DLC at the start of a month rather than holding for the middle or end like with Joker or the Dragon Quest Hero. 

Either way, that still leaves one fighter left to be revealed for the initial Fighter Pass, which will likely be shown toward the end of November or at The Game Awards on Dec. 12.