Smash World Tour 2022 returns to offline format with $250,000 for Super Smash Bros. Melee, Ultimate

Global Super Smash Bros. action returns later this month.

Photo via Smash World Tour

After two years of delays, schedule updates, and format changes, the Smash World Tour is finally reverting to its original format as it brings in-person competitions to Super Smash Bros. Melee and Ultimate communities around the world. 

The event will feature the largest single-event Smash prize pool of all time for the SWT 2022 Championships in December at $250,000, split between both games. 

More than 35 Major events hosted by various tournament organizers will make up the SWT 2022 circuit, with more events to be added as TOs make announcements or opt into the tour. This all begins on March 17 and ends on Nov. 22. The SWT 2022 Championships will be hosted after the main circuit ends from Dec. 8 to 11, with a location to be announced at a later date. 

Like the previous SWT, players all over the world will be competing in tournaments throughout the season, earning points for their placements depending on tiers—Platinum, Gold, and Silver, all decided by the entry numbers for Melee or Ultimate per event. A new tier, Super Silver, has also been added, which better represents the middle ground between Majors and larger local events. 

Players will be ranked on the leaderboards globally and within their own regions based on their performance at each level: 

  • Top three Platinum tournament results
  • Top three Gold tournament results
  • Top six Silver tournament results
  • Top Super Silver tournament result

Events will be tiered differently based on their region and other factors. 

Once the main SWT circuit ends, the top 30 players on the leaderboards will auto-qualify for the SWT 2022 Championships, with the top player from each region to receive an instant invite regardless of their total points for the season. There will also be two spots available via the Last Chance Qualifier, an open bracket event held just before and on location at the SWT Championships. 

The circuit already has a full schedule available for events that have partnered with the SWT or opted in. You can also opt-in to your own event via the SWT’s page.

The SWT is once again being sponsored by popular online coaching platform Metafy and Twitch, with more details available on the circuit’s website.