Super Smash Bros. Ultimate version 6.1.1 is now live

Don't expect a lot, though.

Image via Masahiro Sakurai

A new update for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has just gone live, updating the game to version 6.1.1.

Those expecting the update to do anything huge, however—like provide a hint toward the fifth and final DLC character in the first Fighters Pass—will be disappointed. The patch serves as nothing more than an update to add support for some upcoming amiibos to the game.

The amiibos in question are Dark Samus and Richter Belmont, which are set to come out over the next few weeks. There might also be a few fixes for the game with the new update, but nothing major that Nintendo thought would be worth discussing.

The update is a far cry from what players were hoping for and have come to expect. It just serves as a small update, but some recorded video files may not be available to use from the previous patch.

The next big update for the game should be version 7.0.0, which should release in the next few months along with the unannounced fifth DLC character.