Scorpina is the final Season 3 DLC fighter for Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid

The ruthless villain is making a return.

Image via nWay

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is finishing up its third season of DLC with a strong new addition as one of Rita Repulsa’s most ruthless minions, Scorpina joins the fight. 

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers villain will release on Dec. 8, which is why the reveal trailer didn’t give a lot of hints at how the character will actually play. Her design is basically the exact same as her last appearance in the show and does give us at least some information.

In the show, Scorpina uses her crescent-shaped sword as both a blade and a projectile, as it has boomerang-like tendencies and will come back to her once thrown in most instances. Likewise, she will likely carry over some of her monster powers, including some form of electric stinger attack that she used often when battling Jason and the other original Rangers. 

The trailer was obviously just a way to show off the newest character and let fans know there is a timeline for her release, but that also means we didn’t get to see any character interactions with Scorpina. 

It would have been fun to see at least a little peek at how she will act around Goldar and Jason and just which iteration of the character they will be taking from, though it is likely just the original Mighty Morphin character with none of the extra development from later appearances. 

Scorpina will be available as part of the Season Three Pass alongside Power Rangers Jungle Fury Purple Ranger Robert “RJ” James Power Rangers Super Samurai Red Ranger Lauren Shiba. If you purchase the pass, you will also get the Dai Shi Phantom Beast Skin as a bonus. 

Screengrab via nWay

More details, including a full gameplay showcase for Scorpina, will be revealed closer to the character’s actual release.