Samurai Shodown’s Haohmaru joins Soulcalibur VI on March 31

The rōnin continues to wander, finding his way into a new battle.

Image via Bandai Namco

Soulcalibur VI’s newest guest character is about to slash his way onto the roster as Samurai Shodown’s protagonist Haohmaru is set to release on March 31. 

An extended gameplay trailer for the character was released earlier today, showcasing more of what the samurai is bringing to the table as the latest DLC fighter, even if seeing him navigate a 3D space seems pretty odd. 

As always with Haohmaru, there is a focus on translating his SamSho gameplay over to SCVI, which means some of his moves from the various SNK games are going to be used to fill out his moveset. But since SCVI is less like the traditional 2D fighting games he is usually playable in, Haohmaru also gets to cut loose with a few surprising additions.   

Along with some of his staple moves like Crescent Moon Slash and Cyclone Slash, which should make zoning fun, being implemented, he also has a counter and a combo where he will take a swig from his signature sake jug after using it as a weapon. This could tie into the “rage mode” he seems to take on after a certain point in the battle, although the power boost doesn’t really imply that he has had a little too much to drink. 

The traveling samurai is also bringing his trusted sword, Fugudoku (a katana named after blowfish poison) and an outfit based on another popular SNK fighter, Nakoruru for players to use in the character customization mode. There is no word on if Haohmaru’s outfit or hairstyle will also be added into the game when he releases. 

A stage based on Samurai Shodown along with background music are also being added as part of the DLC.

Haohmaru will join the Soulcalibur VI on March 31 as the second DLC character of the game’s Season Pass 2. There are still two fighters that have not been revealed but are set to release within the year.