Resident Evil’s Ada Wong joins TEPPEN with upcoming A Dark Agenda expansion

Strider Hiryu will also make an appearance.

Image via GungHo Online Entertainment

Ada Wong from Capcom’s Resident Evil series will be the next Hero joining TEPPEN, GungHo Online Entertainment announced today.

Ada will join the game as its 16th Hero alongside the A Dark Agenda expansion on March 1. In the expansion, all of TEPPEN’s Heroes will finally embark toward the Land of Illusion as the true story of the game begins. 

Ada has orchestrated actions behind the scenes and is ready to step out of the shadows to push “the plan” into its final stages, according to the reveal. This includes bringing in some heavy hitters from across Capcom’s franchises, such as Strider Hiryu, who makes his TEPPEN debut as a new unit. 

As the newest addition, Ada will be the fourth Purple Hero, meaning her abilities lend themselves to controlling the battlefield through quick removal, lockdown, and use of the EX Pocket. Here are all of the beautiful spy’s Hero Arts. 

  • Hero Art 1: Blackout
    • Remove one enemy unit with three Attack or fewer from the game.
  • Hero Art 2: Mirage Decoy 
    • Lock all of your empty board slots for 10 seconds, then return all enemy units with an MP cost equal to or less than the number of board slots inflicted with Lock +2 to the deck.
  • Hero Art 3: Break Away
    • Return one friendly purple unit to your EX Pocket and give it -2 MP. (MP costs cannot fall below one.) Other than the unit returned, place one random purple unit in the EX Pocket onto the field.

A Dark Agenda will give all existing Heroes new Unit Cards, with new Action Cards showing Ada’s perspective of each Hero’s story up to this point in the game. As for the other additions, “A-Class Strider Hiryu” will be a strong unit and has multiple searching abilities that can pull out other cards themed around the mercenary.

  • S. A-Class Strider Hiryu
    • Human
    • MP 5
    • Attack 2
    • HP 7
    • <Rush> Attacking: Randomly Explore for one Option A, Option B, or Option C
  • Option A
    • MP 1
    • Give one friendly unit <Shield>. Deal three damage to one random enemy unit
  • Option B
    • MP 1
    • Give one friendly unit <Agility> (10 seconds). Deal three damage to one random enemy unit
  • Option C
    • MP 1
    • Give one friendly unit <Flight> (effective for one attack). Deal three damage to one random enemy unit

More information about the A Dark Agenda expansion, including more new cards and story details, will be revealed as the darkness continues to move ahead of its March 1 launch.