Problem X, Smug, and NuckleDu make up final Street Fighter League 2020 team

Dynamite doesn't even begin to describe this roster.

Image via Capcom

The final team for the US Street Fighter League 2020, Problem X, Smug and NuckleDu, is going to be the heavy favorite going into the league.

While the entire SF League is full of professionals, none of them have the sheer star power that Dynamite does, especially when considering their character versatility.

Problem X is the head of Dynamite’s operations, and as arguably the best European player and the best M. Bison main in the world, he will be the deciding factor for most of the team’s matches. The Evo 2018 Champion is going to be facing several of his bracket demons in the SF League, but because it is a team event, this might work out in his favor. 

The captain is joined by Capcom Cup 2016 Champion and SF veteran NuckleDu, who brings four strong characters into the team’s fold and will provide a high level of matchup experience against many other competitors. Known mainly for his Guile, NuckleDu is going to be firing off Sonic Booms while also having the versatility to play Mika, G, and Cammy if needed for specific counters. 

Lastly, Smug will anchor the team and bring even more experience to the team that most are saying will turn the bracket into a bloodbath.

While he has switched to G for recent events, Mayor of Duff City can still box with the best of them using Barlog, too. He might not be the most popular player on the team, but he fits in perfectly and will most definitely bring the hype once the SF League begins later this year.