Pre-Evo 2019 leak shows three new characters coming to Street Fighter V

Some classics were revealed to be coming to Street Fighter after a leak.

Screengrab via Capcom

Just days before Evo 2019 is set to begin, Capcom is dealing with another massive leak of information, this time in the form of the names of the characters that will be announced during the Evo finals of Street Fighter V.

Because of an error on Steam, we now know that E. Honda, Lucia, and Poison are going to be joining the expanded roster of SFV: Arcade Edition in the months following Evo.

Capcom usually has a grand announcement trailer to show during the finals of their biggest game each year, with the next wave of DLC characters shown during the finals to hype up the crowd. Just last year, the final two Season 3 DLC characters were revealed live. Both G and Sagat had incredible trailers that showed off their looks set a release date for the day after the finals.

That was an incredible moment on stage, but now fans know exactly what to expect from the finals, which kills a lot of the excitement. Especially with Street Fighter moving to an earlier time slot this year, this might have lost Capcom and Evo in general quite a few views.

The good news is that fans can get excited for the return of one of the series’ oldest characters, E. Honda. Since he is joining the roster, that knocks off another Street Fighter original from the list.

Along with the sumo wrestling legend E. Honda, Poison is also making her return to the main series. Lucia, a character originally from Final Fight, will also be making her debut in a main series Street Fighter game to round out the new DLC characters.

Following the leak, Capcom decided to confirm the information and officially dropped the gameplay and reveal trailers for the three characters on their YouTube.

Evo 2019 begins Aug. 2 at Mandalay Bay Event Center in Las Vegas. We will see during the Street Fighter V finals on Aug. 4 if Capcom has another announcement they can show now that their original plan is shot.