Panda Global launches dedicated Super Smash Bros. stats platform

The platform will offer detailed stats, breakdowns, and information for competitive players.

Screengrab via Panda Global

Panda Global is expanding its stats team with the launch of an official PGstats website, the organization announced today.

This new website will work as a central hub for all data-driven Super Smash Bros. related content while offering comprehensive player pages for every competitor who’s ever entered a bracket using, one of the biggest tournament databases online. 

PG said the plan is to use this to help “foster a smarter Smash scene” that’s more educated and curious about the inner workings of the games they compete in. This will be done by providing the largest, easily searchable collection of Smash information currently available on the internet.

The PGstats team will also be offering paid writing opportunities in the future to help create analytical content aimed at getting more people thinking and talking about the deeper mechanics of Smash

“I want to enable the pro player trying to find an edge; the up-and-comer trying to find the inspiration he needs to take the next big jump, the 0-2er just trying to find their footing in the game, and everyone in between,” said Jackie Peanuts, director of growth for PGStats.

As the platform evolves, PG also wants to use it as a place where players who might not be privileged enough to travel to big tournaments a chance to hear the stories and see what happens at those events on a regular basis.

“I believe, from my own first-hand experience attending and competing in tournaments for the past four years, that competitive Smash has compelling stories,” Jackie said. “But if you’re not somebody who can afford or is otherwise privileged enough to attend Smash tournaments around the country—much less the world—on a regular basis, you inevitably miss out on many of these stories unless you’re lucky enough to meet people who can fill you in.”

Jackie cited the community Super Smash Bros. Melee documentary series, “The Smash Brothers,” as a perfect sign that accessibility to the scene can make a difference. Since that documentary was released, Melee has seen consistent growth as a community simply by telling the history of the scene. 

Another major goal for the platform will be to preserve the history of the competitive scene, which he said is fragile because of its grassroots structure. He and his team want to keep brackets, VODs, and other important pieces of Smash’s history in one place where everyone can find the records. 

Alongside the PGstats website, PG is also launching a PGstats YouTube channel, which will be creating content focused on the competitive scene for both Ultimate and Melee

The beta for the website is up and PG is openly accepting any feedback on the platform as it works to improve it for the future. You can learn more about what the platform will have to offer in the detailed video breakdown on PG’s YouTube channel.