Omega Rugal, Boss Challenge mode revealed as free DLC for King of Fighters XV

Both additions will be coming in April.

Screengrab via SNK

During the third Japan Fighting Game Publishers Roundtable presentation, SNK shattered even the broadcaster’s expectations, bringing a surprise DLC announcement for King of Fighters XV, including a new fighter and game mode. 

On April 14, all players will be able to download a free update that will add Omega Rugal to the game as an individual fighter. 

This means that SNK isn’t against splicing unannounced DLC into the already announced Season Pass One schedule, with Omega Rugal releasing between the recently added Team Garou and the upcoming Team South Town in May. 

Omega Rugal isn’t the only new piece of content being added either, as SNK also announced a new game mode, Boss Challenge, will also be available on April 14. This is to celebrate the return of one of KoF’s biggest villains, as well as providing new content for players to enjoy on the single-players side. 

As of now, it appears that this mode will specifically feature Omega Rugal as “The CPU from Hell,” which was showcased by him thrashing his opponents and relentlessly using his iconic Genocide Cutter. 

Players who successfully complete this Boss Challenge will unlock the new Strange Plateau stage, a special Omega Armor costume for Omega Rugal, and a new remix of the Conclusion R&D track. 

This update will be free for everyone across all platforms and will be made available on April 14.