New Super Smash Bros. Melee mod update adds rollback netcode, replays, and more

Melee is evolving into its next form.

Screengrab via Fizzi

Super Smash Bros. Melee has slowly been growing as an online experience thanks to its dedicated modding community—and another big addition has just been introduced that might change the game again. 

Slippi is a Melee mod that’s specifically focused on bringing the game up to modern standards by creating a strong online infrastructure and improving smaller aspects like streaming video quality. In an update that could revolutionize netplay, Slippi has implemented rollback netcode and integrated matchmaking. This means players can experience near lagless gameplay while playing the almost two-decade-old game, which didn’t even have online at launch. 

The update says that Slippi now enables ultra-smooth gameplay that will even help low-lag matchups that are played cross-continental, which is huge considering the previous limitations of netplay. European players like Leffen should now be able to compete in online events hosted in the U.S. while physical events are still suspended due to COVID-19. 

Integrated matchmaking is also a big deal because players will no longer need to have another secondary software open to connect them with online lobbies. Slippi now hosts its own built-in matchmaking, which will make finding matches quick and easy. But there will still be some instances where other software is needed. 

Replays have also been added to Slippi. This will enable players to automatically save replays as bite-sized video files on their computer. 

Slippi offers detailed instructions on how to download, install, and optimize the Dolphin emulator, with a version on its website that already has Slippi support added. You’ll still need to install various controller adaptors and optimize some settings, but the developers have guides for that too on the netplay portion of the Slippi website

The reaction from the community has been positive. With multiple pro players already claiming that this is a game-changer, Smash fans should be able to see how it impacts the online scene in the coming weeks.


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