New Monster Hunter-styled Mii Fighter costumes coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate later today

These weren't the only new additions.

Image via Nintendo

Today’s Nintendo Presents stream didn’t just reveal gameplay for the latest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate characters. It also introduced a set of new Mii Fighter costumes based on other gaming properties.

These new costumes are taken from the Monster Hunter franchise and the retro title Ghosts’n Goblins—and you’ll be able to get your hands on them later today.

From Monster Hunter, players will be able to equip the Hunter Equipment costume, which is a sword fighter costume boasting steel-plated armor. There’s also the Rathalos Equipment costume for sword fighters styled with scales of the Rathalos from the game.

The third and final sword fighter costume announced was that of Arthur’s from Ghost’n Goblins. This appearance is more of a traditional armor set with the character’s trademark facial features.

Alongside these costumes, a new Mii hat called Felyne was also revealed. As the name suggests, it boasts the appearance of a cat.

In addition to these cosmetics, it was revealed today that Smash Bros. Ultimate’s latest addition to the roster of fighters, Pyra and Mythra, will be available in-game later today. 

These costumes will also be available for purchase later today and will give fans just enough Monster Hunter to last until Monster Hunter Rise makes its launch on Switch on March 26.