MultiVersus devs are aware of Taz’s ‘broken’ tornado, plan to make balance adjustments soon

Multiple balance adjustments are on the way.

Screengrab via Warner Bros. Games

There have been a few key pieces of contention in the Early Access portion of the MultiVersus Open Beta, with the main complaint being pointed at the unprecented levels of tornados being caused by the Tasmanian Devil. 

Taz isn’t the best pick in the game, at least according to players grinding ranked, but his ability to nearly endlessly use his Taz-nado side Special is out of control.

The move is very simple: Taz goes into his iconic cyclone animation and launches himself in a direction. Hitting an enemy will result in multiple hits and can even drag nearby MultiVersus enemies into the move, with the knockback sending them flying or potentially opening up follow-ups with a teammate.

The utility, lack of cooldown, and brief periods of near-invincibility given by Taz-nado, along with the seeming lack of punishment for overusing it despite the move degrading on consecutive uses mean Taz players will be throwing this out very frequently. It isn’t broken, but for new MultiVersus players and even just for a game that is based on two-on-two gameplay, it is extremely annoying to deal with. It stays just as frustrating even if your character has a way to counter it too.

This has been the general sentiment in the community around Taz and the Taz-nado since MultiVersus re-launched its Open Beta, outside of a few “get good kid” users, and it appears the developers are well aware of it. 

According to Player First Games co-founder and MultiVersus director Tony Huynh, the team is testing adjustments for several characters and moves after listening to feedback, including for Taz. No timing for an update on Taz was shared, but a few other changes are also in the works, Huynh mentioned Iron Giant’s down Special being fixed so it wouldn’t kill at extremely low percentages as frequently in the next client update. 

“We value a good experience with the game,” Huynh said. “Good thing is there are ways to tune for all levels of play it just takes experience, time, and iteration. We’re working as fast as possible though.”

The developers have already been faced with fixing multiple issues with server connectivity and missions not popping up over the last 24 hours, so expect frequent updates on patches and bug fixes to be shared via the MultiVersus Twitter.