Microsoft leaks upcoming Tekken 7 DLC characters

Two new characters have been revealed in the leaks.

Image via Bandai Nacmo

The next two Tekken 7 DLC characters have surfaced on the Microsoft Store today just 24 hours ahead of their scheduled announcement at the Tekken World Tour finals.

Despite having since covered their mistake, Microsoft originally named the two remaining characters in a description of a DLC pack bundle alongside the already-announced Leroy for season three of the game’s DLC. Legacy character Ganryu will be returning to the Tekken franchise and a new fighter named Fahkumram will also be joining the roster, according to the bundle’s description.

Screenshot via @Flying_Wonkey on Twitter.

Ganryu is a character modeled on traditional sumo wrestling and has been a staple of the Tekken franchise since the original installment in 1994. He has since appeared in several other Tekken games and has been sorely missed in the newest version.

The other character revealed in the leak is named Fahkumram and would be the second new original character added in this season of DLC. Many fans have pointed out that the name of this character is of Thai origin, which would make sense seeing as though the TWT finals are being held in Thailand this year.

Little is known about Fahkumram outside of his name, however. Assuming that Bandai Namco follows their typical pattern for releasing new characters, then there will be a trailer of some sort featuring Fahkumram released tomorrow during the broadcast of the game’s competitive finals.

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