Metal Gear’s Snake teased to be coming to Tekken 7

We can't believe our eyes.

Image via Konami

In an Evo filled with DLC leaks left, right, and center, one of the biggest ones to grace the stage just dropped after the end of the Tekken 7 finals. Metal Gear Solid’s Snake has been teased to be coming to Tekken 7 as the next big guest character, and we can’t believe it.

The character was initially teased before the grand finals when a Metal Gear comms screen popped up for those attending the venue (not on stream). Snake said that this was some “good ass Tekken,” hyping up the crowd before his official reveal.

After the finals were over and Arslan Ash was crowned the tournament victor, Bandai Namco came onto the stage to officially unveil season three and two new DLC characters, including Zafina and original character Leroy Smith, alongside a host of season three news.

Snake, however, was nowhere to be found, leaving fans with a lot more questions than answers.

This wouldn’t be the character’s first outing in a fighting game, however. He originally made his debut in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and, more recently, Ultimate.

Metal Gear Solid’s Raiden has also appeared in fighting games in the past, such as PlayStation All-Stars.