Armada is your Smash Smash Bros. Melee champion at Evo

Was there ever any doubt?

Image via Nintendo

Adam “Armada” Lindgren won his second Evo title in Super Smash Bros. Melee on Saturday in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The final between Armada and Cloud9’s Joseph “Mango” Marquez was largely a one-sided bout, with Armada winning the grand finals 3-1.

Armada’s only defeat in the grand finals was when Mango tied up the series on the Pokémon Stadium stage. Any hope that fans had of seeing a reset in the bracket was crushed shortly after when Armada decimated Mango to take the final two games and the title.

Mango didn’t register a single win in the winner finals before dropping down to the losers bracket, so to take a game off of the Evo champion should still be commended as a great feat.

There was really no stopping Armada, however, on his quest to the title. The player looked phenomenal throughout the entire tournament and is definitely the deserved victor this time around.

Last year’s winner, Juan “Hungrybox” Manuel Debiedma, settled for third place this year after Mango defeated him twice, denying Hungrybox a place in the final by eliminating him in the losers bracket.

Hungrybox beat Armada in the 2016 final, but he didn’t get a chance to defend his Evo title against the returning challenger in this year’s grand final. Now it’s Armada’s crown—but will he be able to keep it next year?