ARMS’ first DLC character will be available on July 12

Max Brass is headed into the ring.

Image via Nintendo

ARMS, one of the most popular games available right now for the Nintendo Switch, is adding its first DLC character, Max Brass, on July 12.

Also known as the Commish, Max Brass is one of the game’s final bosses in the single player campaign mode— the ARMS Grand Prix. The character has been unplayable since the game launched earlier last month, but that’s about to change.

Max Brass was revealed to be the first DLC character in June at E3 2017, but this is the first time that players have a concrete date for when they can play him.

The new character has the ability to avoid flinching when powered up. When Max Brass’ health is below 20 percent, his weapons are permanently charged, dealing massive damage to an enemy fighter.

Max Brass’ stage, the championship arena that players fight in at the end of the story mode, is also set to be released along with the character.

Nintendo hasn’t announced any additional DLC plans for the game at this current time, but ARMS fans are excited for what could possibly come out in next month’s free DLC update.