King of Fighters XV brings franchise back to Xbox with official launch platform announcement

SNK is appealing to the usual platforms, while bringing the series back to Xbox.

Image via SNK

SNK has been very active in keeping fans informed about King of Fighters XV, and that hasn’t changed even after the developers announced the game was going to be delayed into the first quarter of 2022.

The game was originally slated to launch in late 2021, but the developers have decided to push it back due to ongoing issues with COVID-19 in Japan causing potential problems in the final product’s quality. 

That announcement was met with mostly positive responses from the community, and the developers continue to reveal new information about the game several times a month, including sometimes weekly character trailers. Continuing that trend, SNK has officially announced what platforms KoF XV will launch on when it does drop in 2022. 

Just like with most newer fighting games, KoF XV will be a cross-generation title, releasing on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, via both Steam and the Epic Games Store. Xbox One isn’t included on the list, but there might be some form of the game available to play on that console at launch depending on how SNK and Microsoft approach the release. 

This will also be the franchise’s return to Xbox after more than a decade after King of Fighters XIV skipped the Xbox One and was launched as a PS4 console exclusive in 2016. King of Fighters XIII was the last mainline game in the franchise to launch on Xbox, releasing on the Xbox 360, along with other platforms, in 2010.

It isn’t surprising to see Nintendo Switch left off the list, knowing that the core audience for KoF won’t be on the platform and SNK can spend time post-launch working on a version of the game that will be optimized for the less-powerful hybrid hardware, if that is in the cards. 

For now, you can expect more reveals to continue dropping throughout the rest of 2021 as SNK continues to prepare KoF XV for opening night in Q1 2022.