Jebailey confirms CEO Dreamland’s coronavirus scare was fake

A good TO listening to the community can make a huge difference.

Image via CEO

CEO’s tournament organizer Jebailey confirmed today that rumors of two Dreamland attendees experiencing coronavirus symptoms were faked after talking to both hotel authorities and those in question.

“I’ve spoken with hotel authorities already and seeked out more information,” Jebailey said. “One (of the) original posters confirming it’s a hoax and isn’t even registered or attending the event. The other has also been spoken to and told the seriousness of trying to make this a laughing matter.”

Earlier in the day, posts on social media began speculating that a player attended the ongoing Super Smash Bros. tournament despite showing symptoms of the coronavirus. The rumors led to players, tournament staff, and the community opening an investigation. 

Thanks to the quick work of several people within the game’s community, including Smash pro Jon “Sol” Lackey, the situation was quickly brought to the attention of tournament officials. With all of the compiled information, Jebailey, Sol, and others began investigating the original post and an additional claim that said an attendee had tested positive for the virus.

One of the posts was quickly debunked as a hoax. The original poster confessed to fabricating claims and was not even registered for or attending the tournament. The second person in question was confirmed to be asymptomatic and untested but reportedly played the situation up. Both parties have been banned from future CEO events.

CEO Dreamland will continue to run through the weekend as Championship Sunday grows ever closer.