How to switch characters in Dragon Ball FighterZ

Make the most of your team.

Image via Bandai Namco

Dragon Ball FighterZ is one of the most popular 2D fighting games, boasting technical fighting mechanics with a familiar roster of characters from within the Dragon Ball universe.

The game that launched in 2018 has garnered a roster of more than 20 playable characters. You can choose to begin with one character and you can switch between up to two further characters during battle.

Between changing characters and simply using them as assist tools, you have a few choices centered around your team in combat. One thing you’ll need to know is exactly how you can swap between your chosen team. Here’s how you can do that while in battle.

How to switch characters in Dragon Ball FighterZ

Image via Bandai Namco Entertainment

Whether you’re on console or PC, the way to switch fighters will differ slightly. On console, simply press and hold the front bumper corresponding to the character you plan on switching to. For PC users, simply hold the “L” key.

If you tap the buttons instead of holding them, you’ll summon the corresponding character to use an assist move rather than take the lead, so make sure you’re holding it down if you’re looking to switch.

You’ll know that a switch has been successful because you won’t be controlling your fighter of choice and because your health bar will change to reflect your chosen fighter.

It’s that simple. Now you can polish your skills with all the switch maneuvers necessary to climb the rankings and make the most out of your team.