How many people play MultiVersus?

Here's how many fighters there are in MultiVersus

Image via Warner Bros.

MultiVersus is the hottest new free-to-play game to hit PCs and consoles and players are logging in by the 10s of thousands. While the player count during the early access was impressive, it has only grown since then. Because of this rapid growth, many fans are curious about how many players are inside the game.

According to SteamDB, the game peaked on the platform on July 7 at 9pm CT with over 144,000 players at one time. During early access, the highest player count the game had was over 50,000. When the game became free-to-play and open to everyone, the player count jumped by over 90,000 unique players.

As previously reported, this player count is more than the top 13 most popular fighting games on PC combined. That was before the game had nearly reached 150,000 people and these new numbers blow all the other fighting games out of the water.

With that number only being recorded on the first day of the game’s open beta, it’s likely to increase. Not to mention that this is only the number of players on Steam, which isn’t counting the Epic Games Store, Xbox, or PlayStation. Conservatively, the player count could be over a quarter of a million players across all devices.

At the same time the game reached its peak on July 26, it also had the most viewers on Twitch since it was first released. According to SteamDB, MultiVersus was watched by over 180,000 people from 6pm to 7pm CT on that day. As the game begins to reach more people and more popular streamers hop on, this number may increase as well.

With a couple of new characters already announced and season one in the next month or so, MultiVersus is positioned to continue to grow in popularity and surpass some of the most popular games out there.