Here are all the Mii Fighter costumes available in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

There is a lot of them.

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has finally arrived, which means its time to bust out the Mii you made of yourself to face off against Mario. 

You can fight in style, too. Nintendo has added a bunch of Mii Fighter costumes, which you can buy and unlock by playing the game.

Each outfit or hat can be mixed and matched to create your ideal fighter. Some Mii Fighter costumes were also designed so that you could play as characters that sadly didn’t make it into the final roster, such as Rex from Xenoblade Chronicles 2.

We’ve listed all the different outfits that you can find and unlock down below.

  1. Ashley
  2. Astronaut
  3. Wild West Wear
  4. Bear suit
  5. Biker
  6. Black Knight
  7. Business Suit
  8. Cat Suit
  9. Captain Falcon
  10. Chibi Robo
  11. Tracksuit
  12. Chrom
  13. Ray Mk III
  14. Butler Outfit
  15. Dragon Armor
  16. Dunban
  17. Flying Man
  18. Cybernetic Suit
  19. Isabelle
  20. King K. Rool
  21. KK Slider
  22. Toy-Con
  23. Link Outfit
  24. BOTW Champion’s Outfit
  25. Lip Outfit
  26. Mecha Suit
  27. Maid Outfit
  28. Builder Mario
  29. Fighter Uniform
  30. Bionic Suit
  31. Monkey Suit
  32. Viridi
  33. Nia
  34. Ninja Suit
  35. Pirate Outfit
  36. High-Tech Armor
  37. Protective Gear
  38. Ribbon Girl
  39. Isaac
  40. Saki Amamiya
  41. Samus Armor
  42. SSB T-Shirt
  43. Skull Kid
  44. Special Forces Outfit
  45. Inkling (Male & Female)
  46. Splatoon 2 Inkling (Male & Female)
  47. Spring Man
  48. Fox Outfit
  49. Steampunk Getup
  50. Takamaru
  51. Toad
  52. Vampire
  53. Vince’s Outfit
  54. Yiga Clan Outfit
  55. Woolly Yoshi Outfit
  56. Arcade Bunny Hat
  57. Cappy Hat
  58. Dixie Kong’s Hat
  59. Mr. Saturn Hat
  60. Marx’s Hat
  61. Rex (DLC from buying the Fighters Pass)

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