17 November 2017 - 20:58

Adult Gohan, Gotenks, and Kid Buu are the next characters to join Dragon Ball FighterZ

There are now 20 characters confirmed for the game overall.
Image via Bandai/V-Jump Magazine

Three new characters are coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ, with their images appearing in the latest issue of V-Jump magazine, a popular Japanese magazine about new manga and videogames.

Adult Gohan, who appears in the Dragon Ball stories after the Cell Saga concludes, Kid Buu, an alternative evil form of Majin Buu, and Gotenks, the fusion of Kid Trunks and Kid Goten, will be playable in the fighting game based off of Akira Toriyama's famous manga series.

Adult Gohan has a unique ability in-game that allows him to use a percentage of his Ki Gauge to grow stronger. This magnifies Gohan's abilities and allows him to deal more damage than before.

Kid Buu is a small and nimble fighter that can be troublesome for an opponent to handle. He has unpredictable movements, such as his ability to stretch his ligaments to make him hard to catch out.

Lastly, Gotenks has been given the ability to summon exploding ghost attacks in battle. These will allow him to zone out a foe and attack or power-up from afar, causing chaos to anyone who will opposes him.

The inclusion of these three characters brings the total roster to 20 playable characters so far.

Dragon Ball FighterZ launches Jan. 26 on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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