Fighting game fan creates custom Fighting Game Glossary, features hundreds of terms, videos, and Japanese translations

It's an easy-to-use glossary that defines more than 650 different fighting game terms.

Image via Capcom

Fighting game veteran Ricky, better known in the fighting game community (FGC) as Infilament, is known for making some very niche and time-consuming projects for various fighting games. And his latest production is an easy-to-use dictionary that explains hundreds of fighting game-specific terms. 

Infil previously teased that the project wouldn’t be a guide for a new game. And after more than nine months of development, he officially launched “The Fighting Game Glossary” today.

In total, the glossary covers more than 650 fighting game terms that have all been carefully defined and explained by Infil himself. There are also more than 200 video examples spread throughout the glossary to give context to some of the FGC lingo—and almost the entire project has Japanese translations, too. 

Users can easily search through the glossary for specific terms or filter for language from specific games like Street Fighter, Guilty Gear, and Mortal Kombat. Related terms and concepts can also be accessed directly from any page without loading into a new definition or tab. 

Screengrba via Infil

There’s even a “Term of the Day” page that will appear when you first load into the website. 

Terminology is typically a big sticking point for anyone trying to get into or watch fighting games, especially since an action could be used across multiple games but be referred to under a different name. This glossary gives anyone who wants to learn the lingo for a game or simply understand something a commentator mentions a way to easily look it up and get a detailed explanation. 

Infil has done several helpful projects like this in the past, whether it be detailing frame data or other important aspects for different fighting games. He also created one of the definitive guides for Killer Instinct that took them several years to complete. 

You can see more of Infil’s work on his website and view a full list of contributors to The Fighting Game Glossary on the project’s credits page. There’s also a contact page for the glossary that can be used to point out any errors or submit new terms for review.