Evo 2019 attendees may be at risk for measles

The SNHD advises those who may be at risk to contact their healthcare providers.

Image via Evo

The Southern Nevada Health District is advising any visitors of the Mandalay Bay and surrounding areas to check their immunization status after it confirmed a guest of the Luxor Hotel was infected with the measles virus around the same time as the largest fighting game tournament of the year: Evo 2019.

The SNHD’s report confirmed the visitor was carrying the highly contagious disease during their stay at the Luxor Hotel between Aug. 1 and Aug. 6. Evo took place between Aug. 2 and Aug. 4 at the nearby Mandalay Bay Events Center, but several meetups were held at the Luxor Hotel.

The Luxor Hotel is one of six locations listed in the SNHD’s report. Other locations included nearby businesses such as Slice of Las Vegas, Bay Essentials Convenience Store, and Backstage Deli. Visitors of the area can view the full list of locations as well as the approximate times of exposure from the SNHD’s website.

Those infected with measles typically develop a fever within 10 days of being exposed to the virus, but symptoms can take up to 21 days to appear. The fever can reach 105 degrees, and patients may develop a runny nose, cough, or red eyes before the disease’s telltale rash begins to show.

Pregnant women, children younger than five years, the elderly, and those with compromised immune systems are most susceptible to the virus. Healthy persons who have already received their measles vaccination or have had measles in the past are less likely to contract the disease.

The report advises visitors of the area who have yet to receive the measles vaccine or those who begin showing symptoms within 21 days of their visit to contact their health care providers.